Why Does the Calgary Renegades Water Polo Club Require Volunteer Commitments?

In order for a successful volunteer organization to continue to thrive, the financial stability of the 'club' must be ensured. Consistentcy from month to month and subsequently year to year is vital for a prosperous organization.


Calgary Renegades participate in AGLC sanctioned Casinos and Bingos. This generates substantial opertating funding for: Coaches, equipment, lower registration fees and the general operation of the club.

What are the Athlete / Family Volunteer Commitments for the Year?

The volunteer commitment for each individual Athlete is 3 full  Bingos per year (more may be worked for addtional travel credits to the Athelte's account). On alternating years there are opportunities to work AGLC santioned Casinos.For more information on credit value for addtional volunteer shifts, etc  please view the Renegades volunteer commitment policy . 

Is my Athlete Expected to Make Every Practice at this level?

Calgary Renegades Water Polo Club is a High-Performance team organization.The practice times secured are to promote the highest level of fitness,  sport learning, skill development and competition readiness.  The Head Coach will review each Athlete's developmental goals and layout an 'Individual Athelte Plan' (IAP).  If at anytime you have question or concerns about your Athlete's balance between School and Athletics, please contact your Head Coach.

My Athlete Goes to School Full-time. How Much Travel is Expected at this High-Performance Level ?

Over 95% of our Renegades' athletes are in school (ie. elementary, Jr/Sr High, College). For the athlete's skill development in 'game situations' it is important that as many tournament games are attended.  Although each tournament's medal/performance is important, the ultimate goal each year for the club are the Canadian Nationals (age groups) and subsequently exposure to the Canadian National Teams' organization.

Is There a Process or Formal Provisions for Bringing Forward Disputes or Concerns From the Membership?

The Renegades Club has a formal Execuitve Board.  The board is made up of a President, VP, Secretary & Tressurer  and director portfolios.  Any and all comments and concerns that are surrounding but not limited to: athletes, coaches, members, club activities and events, volunteer commitments, registration, bylaws, and overall club administration either tactically or strategically must be brought to one of the board members or the Athletic Director - in writing with the sender clearly identified and a summary of what the member's concern is.   If the process  of 'bleacher talk'  is the only avenue taken, your concerns cannot be addressed formally and effectively.

Are there any 'summary rules' for Water Polo parents?

Absolutely.  In this LINK are some most common rules and concepts of the water polo game.  

How Many Games or Travel Dates are There each season?

With the new NCL (National Championships League) Water Polo Canada (WPC) has created an East & West Conferences.   There (for the west) Edmonton, Calgary, Surrey, Abbotsford  and Saskatoon/Regina as host cities for one weekend each.   Generally, the 5 host cities event dates are spaced at least 2 weeks apart some months there are no NCL games for 4-5 weeks.   The season has 19u east/west crossovers (where east gets to see and play the west) that are alternating in Montreal or in the West each year.

An athlete/member should expect to travel at least 4-5 times a year for NCL competitions and the Renegades have always done an international trip to either California, Florida or Europe.  The dates of the NCL are set by WPC and generally do not become available until September or October.  The club’s travel training trip is discussed at the beginning of the year and plans gain momentum by November’ish.

The Head Coach will also schedule a one-day trip to places like Medicine Hat, etc to play scrimmages against other west provincial based teams for the day.

More information is gathered and presented at mandatory parent meetings throughout the year so as to keep al members up to date as to what WPC, AWPA and our own club’s travel plans are.

What is the Approximate Cost of a High-Performance WaterPolo Club for my Athlete?

The Registration Fees for each age-group (14u, 16u, 19u) vary. The average reg-fee is approximately $1400+ to $1800 depending on the age-group and location of the athlete.

With the new NCL (National Championships League) Water Polo Canada (WPC) has created an East & West Conferences.   There (for the west) Edmonton, Calgary, Surrey, Abbotsford  and Saskatoon/Regina as host cities for one weekend each.   The costs for these travel events vary with flights and hotels but, are generally ranging from $500-$1400/athlete.  Much of the costs can be offset with Bingo credits that the parents/athletes accumulate throughout the year.

More information will be present at mandatory parent meetings at the beginning of the year and throughout the year.

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