Renegades Mission Statement

Renegades Mission Statement


  • To assist in developing water polo in the Calgary area, while offering a high-performance club program designed to develop high-performance athletes, coaches and officials, extend their national & international water polo opportunities through commitment-to-excellence in water polo and community.


  • Our mission is to provide a positive, competitive water polo environment and experience by developing athletes, coaches and officials who commit to the practice of High-Performance water polo. We demonstrate leadership skills, team work and mutual respect to excel in water polo and in life.


  •  Endeavour to maintain moderate individual financial contribution for all age categories by dedicated & commitment by membership and parents to club organized fund raising means.

    •  To develop players to present opportunity to be placed on College or national teams.

    •  To excel at participating at canadian national championships tournaments for all  age groups.

    •  To provide challenging competition for all age groups.

    •  To provide a masters / alumni  recreational type category where appropriate 



  • Provide appropriately High-Performance qualified coaching staff

  • Provide facilities, equipment and effective training times

  • Provide well balanced training programs

  • Maintain compulsory participation for national qualifying events by all members

  • Maintain mandatory participation for parents in all fund raising

  • Maintain recruitment plan to concentrate on maintaining minimum of one team entity and strive for one for each age group category.

  • Active involvement of players in recruitment programs.

  • Allow participation of senior players in coaching programs of entry age categories.

  • Strive for executive board participation by interested members