Alumni - Post- Renegades 2003-Present

Renegades Alumni - NCAA, NCAA JC, CIS, Can-Nat jr/sr

When the Renegades Water Polo Club branched off from the boys (Torpedoes) in 2003, many female athletes have gone on to NCAA Division I/II/III , NCAA Junior Colleges or Canadian intercoligate CIS schools and some have been chosen by WPC for various Jr and Sr National teams - to continue their waterpolo excellence after they graduated from their Renegades playing days.

Here is a list of the most up to date (and as accurate as sources allow) Alumni who have achieved the next playing level:

NCAA (Jr, Clg, Div I/II/III) Athletes Post-2003:

Kristin Zernicke, Cara Robinson, Janis Pardy, Rae Lekness, Brooke Zimmerman, Raine Paul, 

Alyssa Birch, Sami Banks, Emily Csikos, Courtney Menard, Kelly Mckee, Shelby Taylor, 

Elise Martin, Kindred Paul, Alison Braden, Allison Volf, Megan Jeffreys, Kyra Christmas,  Kennedy Watson, 

Gigi Joudrie, Alynn Reade, Zoe Osborne, Nina Ceklic, Caelan Loroff, Amelia Bennett

CiS Intercollegiate Athletes (Canadian School Programs) Post-2003:

Ainsley Vettesse

Meagan Broady

Maggie Burlington

Brittany Tyler

Julie Csikos

Breanna Gadzosa

Rhiahnna Wood

Caitlyn Tiedje

Katie Smith

Jr & Sr Canadian National Team Athletes Post-2003:

Cora Campbell

Emily Csikos

Cara Robinson

Kindred Paul

Rae Lekness

Shelby Taylor

Sami Banks

Zoe Osborne

Brooke Zimmerman

Kristin Zernicke

Janis Pardy

Alison Braden

Kyra Christmas

Nina Ceklic

Alison Cameron

Gigi Joudrie

Kennedy Watson

Alison Volf

Mikayla Predy

Alex Predy

Ellen Rafferty

Alynn Reade

Alyssa Birch

Julia Patterson

Lynda Duncombe

Kelly Mckee

Elise Martin

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